4 Ways to Keep Your Exhibit Fresh on a Budget

For a number of reasons it may not be the best time for a new trade show exhibit build. You may feel your existing properties are looking worn or additional parts and pieces may have clouded your message over the years. This is a problem many companies face and they wonder how they can reinvent their trade show exhibits. We put together a list of cost effective ways to keep your exhibit fresh with your annual budget in mind.

1. Graphics, Graphics, Graphics

Seeing as 81 percent of people attending trade shows have the authority to make buying decisions, creating an enticing trade show display is extremely important.

Many trade show exhibits start out with enormous logos on hanging signs and short novels attached to a product image. These items often get overlooked and could be missing your target audience without you evening realizing. Cutting the ties with your old round sign and moving to a more dynamic piece can provide new life. Make sure to also keep in mind the sight lines of your branding. Simply putting a new logo up high and neglecting mid level and low level branding can cause unsuspecting customers to miss your message all together.

Reinvent Your Trade Show Exhibit- Graphics


2. Change out the Furnishings in your Booth

Often times rental furniture is the most cost effective way to outfit a booth. However picking a quality rental partner can prove to be difficult. Some of our most trusted partners offer up the ability to customize their rental offerings which can go miles on a tradeshow floor.

If you don’t want to go with rental furniture there are some great inexpensive options you can consider if you are looking to reinvent your trade show exhibit. If you are looking for something a little more unique but you have a caviar taste on a catfish budget, there are several retailers that will fulfill your design desire. Our favorites are CB2 & BluDot. These items can add to your personal feel and environment on show floor.

Reinvent your Trade Show Exhibit - furnishings

3. Spruce up your Lighting

Inviting trade show booths get the most visitors. More visitors mean more potential business. We think one of the most important aspects of trade show booth design is the lighting. Most times a booth or display looks cold, unattractive or uninviting simply because it’s not well-lit. If you don’t currently use lighting, you might be amazed at how a quality lighting package can keep your exhibit fresh on a budget.

Lighting is often overlooked as a design tool and do to the cost, often times the easiest to strike from the budget. Use well-placed lighting to wash a wall in color or paint the mood that will attract your audience. Cutting the house lights and softening the light in your trade show display contrasts with the florescent glare of the trade show hall.

5 Ways to Reinvent your Trade Show Exhibit - Lighting

Custom lit displays create enough contrast with 2-D signage to draw visitors over if the display is lit properly with clean LED lights. Most will think to backlight signage or use large format graphics but down lighting at a cabinet base, or pierce cutting logos can add much more impact than simply lighting up a graphic. Different variations in hues or colors look brilliant, and customers at trade shows will appreciate a clean display.

Reinvent your Trade Show Exhibit - displays

4. Create an Experience

Another great way to keep your exhibit fresh on a budget that we have found to be effective is to involve visitors with hands-on demonstrations and interactive displays. Participation serves to make the experience more memorable. If you can make your product or service interactive, people will leave with a greater sense of brand awareness. Not all brands are easy to display. Find a way to allow your booth traffic to interact with your products or services. Not only will you generate interest, but they will get a better understanding of your value proposition. Touch tables are a great way to display any type business offering and can often times tell a deeper product story than graphics.

Reinvent your Trade Show Exhibit - create an experience


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