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Our Trade Show Design Trends are peeks into what trends have been building momentum and will hit a trade show near you this year.  

Trade Show Design Trend: Organic Roots/Natural Textures


2017 is the year we return to organic roots. Upcycling, alternative farming and engineering nature are trends dominating many design disciplines.

Trade show design trends aren’t far behind- cork and natural wood will replace outdated plastic laminates and tension fabric structures. There are several methods to achieve the natural wood look or the illusion of wood that are simple and creative and it’s not necessary to go for the obvious hardwood flooring. You can use wood in the walls as beams, on counters and shelves, or on a back wall.

trade show design trend - natural materials


Designers are recognizing cork’s versatility and are combining it beautifully with glass, metal, ceramics and timber. And since all eyes are turned on sustainable design at the moment, the fact that it’s eco-friendly adds to its credentials. Cork can be used on booth property finishes, flooring and accessories.



Trade Show Design Trend: Greenery


Trade Show Exhibit Color of the Year


Pantone’s color of 2017, “Greenery” – a fresh yellow-green that apparently “evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew”. Based on its representation of new beginnings, freshness and environmentalism.

It’s a tricky shade to embrace in interiors. Greenery is back-to-nature hue that brings zest while still managing to work with warm wood tones.  As well as greenery, expect to see a rise in deep hues such as khaki and olive green, working alongside brick reds, maroon brown and charcoal grey to recreate a sense of rich and earthy minerals and materials.

EDE for Patcraft


Trade Show Design Trend: Kinetic Lighting


Kinetic lighting has just reached the cusp of trade show design trends, with innovators using it in interesting ways to tie into their brand message.    Examples of ways of incorporating this into your exhibit maybe be tying the kinetic balls into a data display during a presentation or using the height of the lighting  to draw people to certain featured areas of the exhibit during times of a demonstration.   The possibilities are as endless as the shapes can be created with both light and movement.


Trade Show Design Trend - Kinetic Lighting


Trade Show Design Trend: Texture, Texture, Texture


We spend plenty of time looking at flat screens, so designers are now enticing customers by engaging with them on a textural level. It’s a way to call customers into the showroom/booth to touch, because as human beings we need that connection and engagement.

Weaving texture into an interior makes it more inviting and the idea of mixing fabrics and materials will be on the rise as one of many important Trade Show Design Trends




Trade Show Design Trend: Lounges and Charging Stations


Exhibitors have always used high top tables for sales conversations, but dictating a space to an actual lounge is something that is evolving as a trade show design trend.  These spaces increase dwell time, and with supporting media monitors can help educate attendees while they take a breather from a busy show floor.

Trade Show Design Trend - Lounge

With mobile devices being the central means of communication at a trade show, people are desperately searching for outlets to keep them up and running. Come to their rescue with a climbing trade show design trend, phone charging stations. By providing charging stations at your booth, you create several marketing opportunities.



EDE’s creative team will be looking at these Trade Show Design Trends for influence for our upcoming designs, so make sure your team is aware.  You can see some of the creativity that inspires us on our pinterest page, more of what we are creating on our instagram feed or see our completed work here, follow and enjoy!

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